Plate Gothic™



Plate Gothic™


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在20世紀早期,鑄造廠認為,如果他們能夠為傳統印刷生產出具有雕刻外觀的字體,他們將能夠滿足那些被迫靠適度印刷預算的人的需求。雕刻師字體誕生了。Fredric Goudy的Copperplate Gothic是最受歡迎的作品之一。<br><br>
Plate Gothic是針對數字技術更新的版本。它具有金屬字體的所有魅力和感召力,并且非常適合當今的需求。<br><br>

Around the turn of the twentieth-century, Steel and copper plate engraving was the most sophisticated and expensive method for producing business cards, stationery, and formal announcements. In engraved printing, the image is incised, or engraved into a hard, flat plate. Ink is applied to the plate, and then wiped off; leaving only the ink that is trapped below the surface in the incised areas. When the paper is pressed against the flat plate, the ink is drawn out of these areas and transferred to the paper. The results are twofold: printing which sits above the surface of the paper, and the reproduction very delicate lines and shapes.


For business and formal printing, engraved printing was, and is, considered the best. The problem is that not everybody can afford the best.


Type foundries, in the early 1900s, figured that if they could produce a typeface for traditional printing, which had appearance of engraving, they would be able to satisfy the needs of those forced to live with modest printing budgets. Engravers faces were born. Fredric Goudy’s Copperplate Gothic was one of the most popular.


Plate Gothic is a version of this style updated for digital technology. It has all the charm and charisma as the metal type and yet is perfect for today's needs.


Plate Gothic™



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